Character Record Folio   Conan the Roleplaying Game
Creature Collection I   Creature Collection II
Death in Freeport   Midnight
Temple of the Troll God   The Giant´s Skull
The Slayer´s Guide to Hobgoblins   Thieves’ World Player’s Manual
Drakar och Demoner
Drakar och Demoner Trudvang   Eld och Sot
Galtevår   Trudvangs äventyrare
Dungeons & Dragons
Barrow of the Forgotten King   Complete Champion
Complete Psionic   D&D - Monster Manual II
D&D 3.5 - Dungeon Master´s Guide   D&D 3.5 - Monster Manual
D&D 3.5 - Player´s Handbook   D&D4: Monster Manual 2
D&D4: Player´s Handbook 2   D&D4: Player’s Handbook 3
Dungeon Master´s Guide 4th Ed.   Dungeon Master´s Guide II
Dungeon Survival Guide   Dungeons&Dragons: Player’s Handbook Heroes
Eberron Player´s Guide   Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk
Expedition to Undermountain   Explorer´s Handbook
Fane of the Drow   Fiend Folio
Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide   Hellspike Prison
Heroes of Battle   Heroes of Horror
Hordes of the Abyss   Lords of Madness
Magic of Incarnum   Manual of the Planes
Monster Manual 4th Edition   Monster Manual IV
Player´s Handbook 4th edition   Player´s Handbook II
Player’s Guide to Eberron   Power of Faerûn
Pyramid of Shadows   Races of Eberron
Races of Stone   Races of the Dragon
Races of the Wild   Red Hand of Doom
Shackled City   Sons of Gruumsh
Stormwrack   The Book of Nine Swords
Tome of Magic   Tyrants of the nine hells
Worlds and Monsters  
Alver   Av blod komna
Bestialiska folk   Katres gåtor
Misslor   Thalamur
Fantasy Flight Games
Dark Heresy: Purge the Unclean   Rogue Trader: Lure of the Expanse
Codex Persona   Götterdämmerung - Rollformulär
Götterdämmerung - Spelledarskärm   Lex Libris
Sub Rosa   Übel Staal
Mutant: Undergångens Arvtagare
Blodsmak   Göborg – Encyklopedistens klagan
Hindenburg – Min älskade   Österhavets otämjda riken
Ulvriket – Det Eviga Kriget  
Alpha Omega   Army of Darkness rpg9
Artesia   Baron Munchausen
Battlestar Galactica   Burning Empires
Call of Cthulhu: Mansions of Madness   Call of Cthulhu: Mysteries of Mesoamerica
Cold City 1.1   Conan: Bestiary of the Hyborian Age
Conan: Cimmeria   Conan: Khitai
CthulhuTech   Dark Heresy
Dark Passions   Demon Hunter
Dragon Age: Dark Fantasy Roleplaying   Dragon Warriors
Esoterrorists: Six Packed   Etherscope
FantasyCraft   Hammaren & Trollspöt
Hellas - Worlds of Sun and Stone   Hollow Earth Expedition
Hot War   In a Wicked Age
Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game   Mutant City Blues
Necessary Evil: Explorer’s Edition   Noctum
Pathfinder: The Tome of Secrets   Scion Hero
Secrets of Los Angeles   Serenity
Shadowrun 4th Edition   Supernatural
Trail of Cthulhu   Trail of Cthulhu: Castle Bravo
Trail of Cthulhu: Keepers Resource Book and Screen   Trail of Cthulhu: Shadows Over Filmland
Trail of Cthulhu: the Black Drop   Traveller
Traveller: Beltstrike   Traveller: High Guard
Traveller: Mercenary   Traveller: Scout
Traveller: The Spinward Marches   Tunnels & Trolls v. 7.5
Unhallowed Metropolis   Victoriana Second Edition
Victoriana: Faulkner’s Millinery and Miscellanea   Weapons of the Gods
Wild Talents  
Övriga svenska spel
Matiné   Action!
Berättelser från staden   Bortom: Lögnens Slöja
Coriolis spelledarskärm   En Garde!
Evolutionens barn   Haragada
Höstdimma   I skuggan av La Fronde
Krutrök & Sägner   Noir
Noir spelpaket   Nostalgi
Operation Fallen Reich: Life Board   Operation Fallen Reich: Rule Book
Oskrivna blad   Rollpersonshäftet till Matiné
Saga   Sodalitas
Supergänget   Svenil rollspelet
Qin – The Warring States  
Skymningshem: Andra Imperiet   Tornet mot stjärnorna
Steve Jackson Games
GURPS Mysteries  
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Ashes of Middenheim   Barony of the Damned
Character´s Pack   Children of the Horned Rat
Dark Heresy – Tattered Fates   Dark Heresy: Creatures Anathema
Forges of Nuln   Gamemaster´s Pack
Karak Azgal   Knights of the Grail
Night’s Dark Masters   Old World Armoury
Plundered Vaults   Realm of the Ice Queen
Realms of Sorcery   Renegade Crowns
Rogue Trader   Shades of Empire
Sigmar´s Heirs   Spires of Altdorf
Terror in Talabheim   The WFRP Companion
Tome of corruption   Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set 3rd Edition  
Wizards of the Coast
Star Wars - Legacy Era Campaign Guide   Star Wars Galaxy Tiles
Star Wars Saga Edition   Star Wars Saga Edition: Galaxy of Intrigue
Star Wars Saga Edition: KOTOR Campaign Guide   Threats of the galaxy
World of Darkness
Banishers   Blood of the Wolf
Bloodlines – The Legendary   Bloodlines: The Hidden
Boston Unveiled   Changeling the Lost
Changeling: Autumn Nightmares   Changeling: Rites of Spring
Changeling: Swords at Dawn   Chicago
City of the Damned: New Orleans   Damnation City
Dancers in the Dusk   Fall of the Camarilla
Geist – the Sin-Eaters   Geist the Sin-Eaters: Book of the Dead
Guardians of the Veil   Horror Recognition Guide
Hunter: The Vigil   Invictus
Lancea Sanctum   Legacies: The Sublime
Lodges: The Faithful   Lodges: The Splintered
Lore of the Forsaken   Mysterious Places
Mythologies   Ordo Dracul
Pandora´s Book   Predators
Promethean: The Created   Reliquary
Requiem for Rome   Sanctum and Sigil
Shadows of Mexico   Shadows of the UK
Territories   The Pure
Tome of the mysteries   Tome of the Watchtowers
Tribes of the Moon   Ventrue - Lords Over the Damned
VII   Werewolf: The Forsaken
Winter Masques   World of Darkness: Armory
World of Darkness: Innocents  
World of Warcraft
Magic & Mayhem   More Magic & Mayhem
WoW – Monsters Guide  


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